The Time to Start Planning for College Is Now


College is no longer considered merely an optional choice. A college education often means the difference between a satisfying career and a job. A college degree also translates to higher earnings and better benefits than does a high school diploma. According to statistics released by the Pew Research Center in February of 2014, people aged 25 to 32 with a bachelor’s degree earned $17,500 more than those with just high school diplomas. Clearly, the value of a college education cannot be denied.

How to Start?

Planning for college begins in elementary school. A child’s thoughts and feelings about learning are molded from kindergarten on. Parents and teachers need to foster an environment where learning is fun, but also challenging. Building reading skills and instilling a love of the written word is essential for academic success later on.

Parents need to be heavily involved in their children’s educations by encouraging strong study habits at an early age, working closely with teachers and actively addressing issues that arise. What happens in elementary school can set the tone for the rest of the child’s academic life.

The Middle School Strategy:

As children get older and enter middle school, they begin to take more control over their educational choices. Taking challenging courses now prepares students to do well in high school and college. Parents, students and counselors should work together to develop a curriculum that both fits and challenges the student. Students should strive to do their best in school and on standardized tests.

Middle school is a great time for students to begin exploring and expanding their interests by becoming involved in extracurricular special interest and charitable activities, both in school and within the community.

Making High School Count:

By the time students enter high school, they have a pretty good idea about where they want to go academically. Before signing up for high school classes, students and parents should research potential college choices and learn about the minimum admittance requirements.

Requirements vary and some majors require additional course work before admittance. ACT, Inc., the administrators of one of the two major college readiness standardized tests, recommends a basic program of four years of English, three years of Science, including Biology, Physics and Chemistry, three years of math, including Algebra I and II and Geometry, and three years of social studies, with added coursework depending on the expected major.

The College Board, administrator of the SAT, the other major college readiness test, suggests that students take a basic program of English every year, three years of math, three years of science, two and a half years of social studies and two years of a foreign language. Parents and students should meet with high school guidance counselors. Counselors are experts at planning a basic college prep program for each child and augmenting it with valuable supplemental course work.

Strong study habits and class involvement have never been more important than they are in high school. Students should ask questions if something is unclear, keep up with assignments and get help when needed so they don’t fall behind. College admission boards look beyond grades and test scores when making admission decisions.

Volunteering with charitable organizations and engaging in school-sponsored activities is viewed as a plus. Personal Facebook and other social media networks are subject to review by admission officials. Students and their parents should ensure that online information is suitable for viewing by admission officers.

High school is also when students take one or both of the standardized college readiness entrance exams. Most colleges require a minimum ACT or SAT score, but the higher the score the greater the chance for college admission and more choices when it comes to scholarship and grant availability.

Many students choose to take the test twice, once as a junior and again as a senior. The junior test score highlights areas that need work and gives students the opportunity to take supplemental courses and score higher the second time.

Paying for College:

Academic performance is important as students prepare for college, but so is paying for it. The earlier parents begin saving for their children;s higher education, the more financially prepared they’ll be. There are a variety of ways to begin saving and investing in a child’s future, including stocks, mutual funds and 529 savings plans.

The 529 savings plans have no income or age limitations and offer significant tax breaks. Grants and scholarships are available as students reach the college level and help bridge the gap between savings and actual cost. Many students qualify for student loans as well.



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Does Believing in Something Make It Real?


I am sort of thinking about this as a matter of the studies I have been doing as a pre med student. Can faith really help you cure a sick person or can believing in a herbal remedy make it effective. I am not sure how many people have heard of Jamaican black stone, but I think that is the sort of thing that might be good for a test. In fact it might be worth substituting some other stuff for that in case it actually does work.

The Jamaican stone is also called sex stone and black stone. You are supposed to apply it to the penis to help resolve the problems of the sexual nature.It is supposed to help with erectile problems and with pre  mature ejaculation.

Obviously there must be a number of people who believe that this stuff works. It would not be possible to sell the stuff if no one believed in it. I was thinking that you could use some sort of random, but innocuous substance to do a trial.

You could find something which definitely did not do any thing to the penis. It should not be difficult to prove that a substance does not do any of this stuff. Then you could find some people who had these problems with sexual performance and try to do a real scientific test. It would not be easy to make it really scientific though.

For instance this involves psychology and it requires two people. There needs to be a person to be convinced and another person who has to do the convincing. You are not going to be able to make it all standard and the same. It would not be pure science, but it might be something that is worth trying to do.


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New medical college ease Wisconsin’s physician shortage


Many experts predict that by 2025 the United States will suffer from a physician shortage of 130,600. This statistic, from a supply-and-demand study conducted by the Association of American Medical Colleges, is not only concerned with patient care resources nationwide but also resources at the state level. Wisconsin, a state that currently graduates 400 new physicians each year from its medical schools.

One area that is at risk for a physician shortage in the long term. In an attempt to offset the projected outlook of Wisconsin experiencing a 2,000-physician shortfall by 2030, the Medical College of Wisconsin is introducing a new program designed to get students on the fast track to graduating and beginning their healthcare careers.

New Medical College of Wisconsin?

The technology-heavy program is hosted at a new medical campus within the Science Center at St. Norbert College. Supplementing the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Green Bay and Milwaukee campuses, the new 5,500-square foot campus features expanded classroom space, wall-to-wall televisions with high-definition capability, multi-directional teleconferencing devices and top-quality cameras.

Aspiring physicians complete their general and specialized coursework while using this state-of-the-art technology, which enables faster completion of degree requirements and a smooth, efficient transition into practical training at patients’ bedsides.

Taking advantage of latest technology:

The program, which accommodates 20 to 25 students at the St. Norbert College campus, utilizes several forms of technology for curriculum and lecture delivery. A main professor oversees each course, and guest lecturers from remote locations are able to supplement class material via a video conferencing system. Lectures that are given in real time are also recorded so that students can access them at their own discretion. The curriculum is delivered to students through various electronic devices, including smartphones, computers and tablets.

A fingerprint identification system allows program participants to receive notes, class handouts and other curriculum components on these devices. Although less conventional in delivery than what is typically offered in medical school programs, the course materials used in this program are designed equally in terms of state education standards.

Tuition savings lure applicants:

Applicants for this Medical College of Wisconsin program number 1,900 at present. Debuting in July 2015, the program lasts three years in duration and does not include summer breaks, a factor that enables students to spend less on tuition than they would in a longer medical school program. Those who are accepted to the medical campus and who complete their studies on time will save approximately $50,000, or one year’s worth of tuition, while simultaneously qualifying to work as physicians in Wisconsin in an expedient manner.

Partnering with leading healthcare providers:

According to Maureen Mack, the college media-relations director, this technology-centered program costs $11 million to implement when all expenses are taken into consideration. In order to avoid spending additional money on a brand-new campus, yet still having the ability to provide a larger student population with adequate training and clinic space, the Medical College of Wisconsin is partnering with several health care providers and academic institutions. Bellin Health, Prevea Health, Bellin College, St. Norbert College and the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay are the establishments participating in this new program model.

The innovative collaboration of the medical campus with partnering facilities is looked upon favorably by a number of health care leaders throughout Wisconsin, including Therese Pandl, the CEO/President of Hospital Sisters Health System. Pandl opines that an increase in qualified medical students can greatly benefit the quality of care that Wisconsin patients receive.

How insiders view new campus:

Matthew Hunsaker, the dean of the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Green Bay campus, believes that the college’s new technology-oriented program is a cost-effective and efficient way to solve the physician shortage program. He states that the curriculum is structured in a manner that allows students to hone their clinical skills early on so that they can work successfully as physicians after completing the program.

Aspiring medical student, Julia Furtado, agrees with Hunsaker in regard to the importance of familiarizing future physicians with up-to-date technology. She feels that integrating technology at the classroom level prepares medical students for working with the electronic records systems used in modern professional environments. In contrast, Kyle Jackson, another pre-med student, thinks that increasing enrollment rates at medical schools may be a more effective way of preventing physician shortage in Wisconsin and other states.


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Having a grand Wedding Party and Honeymoon Vacation


One of my close friends got married recently to a wealthy girl whom he loved for more than three years. Things were smooth between them almost for the initial two months of their love marriage.

They had a grand wedding party and also a very good honey moon vacation where they had traveled almost around the globe. But when they returned something unexpected happened they both started to quarrel with each other even over smaller issues and to every ones astonishment they both split up and started to live apart.

Then from the internet I got the idea of bringing harmony in relationships through e-dating. Using that I made them both meet online and after that within a small span of time they both met in person. Then I arranged to send them for another vacation where they got time to solve their problems. This made them to start having a happy relationship again.


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What are USA Cash Advances


A cash advance has made the lives of some people is worth living if he has made the lives of others miserable. A payday cash advance is often applied by those who have real emergencies. You can get a cash advance loan online, and then fly overnight or for shopping. It all depends on why they have requested in advance.

These types of cash advances help to improve tour life well and help to be productive at times of your financial crunch also. It is a kind of short term loan that can be borrowed to fulfill your unmet expenses if you intend to apply for this type of move in the short term, and then do so only with a clear goal in mind. Spend wisely and you’re a happy person.

USA cash advances in increasingly attracting people. Such short term financial instruments help to shape your budget in any terrible situations saving you from a bad reputation. The interest rate on these loans is low and depends on the loan amount and duration of the loan.


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Natural Farming


The first answer in mind when an infestation of pests occurs is to kill them. But this was not sufficient. If it has been, we should have blocked a long time ago attempting to kill them year after year. When it comes to pest management, we have always attempted doing something about the exposed problems, the bugs, but dealing with the actual root is taken for granted, poorly balanced farming system.

Fighting pests with toxic substance is not a good plan. Its initial value is as time extender while you look out the way to remove the source of your problem. Four decades that success has avoided it tell a lot about its result. As the farmer uses toxic substance more and more, the requirement for it also goes up. Fields with shaken ecology become habituated to pesticides as they have lost their natural capability to fight the pests.

There is a clear cut reason why farmers hold on to spraying pesticides in order to suppress pests despite the knowledge of biological control. Some decades ago, farmers came to a decision that a few per cent crop loss due to pest was too high. The latest bug killers are continually part of their market list.


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Online Graduate Degrees


Online Education is the process of learning a degree or course online or using internet. A program for which all the required coursework for program completion is able to be completed via distance education courses that incorporate Internet-based learning technologies. Distance education courses are courses that deliver instruction to students who are separated from the instructor and support regular and substantive interaction between the students and the instructor synchronously or asynchronously.

At times, requirements for coming to campus for orientation, testing or academic support services are available for some of the online degree programs and is also available for post graduate programs such as an online master’s in education degree program. And things to look for in Online Graduate Degrees are as follows,

Accessibility: Attend online classes from anywhere.

Flexibility:  -Work when it makes sense for you – at night, morning, wee-hours. You’re not tied to a class schedule (usually),Interpersonal Breadth: Your peers will include students all over   the country and even the world.

Cost:  An online education does not require that you relocate to a new         place or that you forgo full time work.

Documentation: Documents, transcripts, live discussions and training materials are all archived and recorded so that they can be retrieved
Access: Instructors are also available, respond quickly through email, and generally are prepared to work with diverse students with a range of lifestyles and needs.


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Well this would have been a much more salubrious weekend.  In any case spring is well in hand and summer is at the doorstep.We are fortunate in this region of Canada, to have clean air, water and for the most part clear consciences. Welcome back, L.A. and best wishes to you and yours this lovely Sabbath Day, G-D bless you.

In his wisdom He sent the Jaffers and others of that ilk to teach us right from wrong. And I see that Mr. Harper is struggling with the lesson. I guess my remaining question on this issue is this,  if Jaffer were lobbying Conservative officials in his wife’s parliamentary office (illegally) why did those officials not report that to their superiors at the time, instead of waiting for the media to discover it.

Perhaps it’s just one more flaw in G-D?s plan, which I am quite certain will be corrected eventually.In the meantime, Minister MacKay has been chastised and our navy has been rescued.All?s well on the Western Front.


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What is a Call Cash Loan ?


A call cash loan is a short term loans that are borrowed to meet your unexpected expenses. Unexpected expenses have a way of cropping up just when you can’t afford them. Luckily, call cash loans online provides a fast financial solution to assist you when most required. If you are looking for a monetary help that provides you instant cash without any delay, then cash call loans are the best option for you.

These call cash loans are availed to you through just a call using toll free numbers for it. Cash call loans are availed to you for the amount ranging from 50 dollars to 1500 dollars. You are required to pay back the loan amount within 2 to 4 weeks after the loan is approved to you. If you fail to pay back at the given period of time, the online lender may ask you to pay extra charges as a penal fee.

For obtaining such loans financial brokers provide application forms on their websites, and most brokers require basic information such as contact details, proof of employment and annual income that falls within a particular requirement.


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A cute relationship that happened through Online Dating


My close friend planned to marry one of his classmates. They both started to love each other when they were in their high school itself. Every one in their neighborhood knew about their love and affection which they had for each other. However, due to some misunderstanding they both started to ignore each other.

Even I felt these things were not new and had always happened in relationships and later in due course of time as people remain together in their relationships over a period of time they would forget these and would then develop a mutual understanding through forgive and forget means.

I also advised my friend that as they get stronger in their relationship it all will become okay. But they both stopped seeing each other. However fortunately they both met online through an online dating website and with a couple of on line dating they were able to bring harmony in their relationship.


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